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November 14, 20214 min read

How to Get Visitors To Your Website?

The subject of getting traffic to your website is immense. We could begin discussing a multitude of ways you could use to do this and at about 100 pages later, we would have just begun to scratch the surface. Attracting quality targeted traffic is perhaps the most valuable skill you can possess as an Internet marketer.

Without potential customers, you simply have no business. We decided the best way to handle the subject in our book here was to simply provide a list of some of the most common ways of attracting website traffic with the ones that are generally considered the easiest and will produce the fastest results first.

It is recommended that you begin to investigate and learn about each method in more detail because the more knowledge you gain about the subjects than the more potential money you can make with your online business.

  • Telling everyone you know once your website goes live, shout it out to the world! While not everyone that you know will be interested in the product you may be selling, they may know of someone who is or may be able to offer you valuable insight as to how to make your website better.

  • Include your website URL in your signature-think about how many e-mails you send in a week. You simply put the URL of your website underneath your name on every e-mail and it acts as a constant source of free advertising for you.

Make use of this simple tip and you will get people visiting your website.

  • Article marketing-article marketing is exactly what it sounds like: articles that are written about the subject of the types of products you sell are submitted to online directories. Once these articles have been submitted, other websites may choose to use your article as content for their own website and give you credit for writing it as well as a link back to your website.

If the article is written well and piques the interest of the reader then they may choose to click on your website. In addition, the other websites containing your article at the link will help to rank your website in the search engines. This way, if someone is looking for something in the search engines on the topic that your product is about, it is more likely that they will find your website in the search results.

Article marketing is free and can result in immediate clicks if the content and writing of your article generate interest.

  • Linking from other sites-just as in the case of article marketing, your website link featured on another webpage is a very good thing indeed. First of all, depending on the information provided with your link some people may choose to click on the link to get more information. In addition, all the links back to your website will help to push you up in of the results of the search engines as well.

  • PPC-PPC stands for pay per click. I do not recommend starting here until you get some background knowledge of how this program works. Basically, you bid on a keyword or keyword phrases that someone might type into a search engine.

If your bid is high enough then your website will appear at the top of the listings thereby greatly increasing the potential that someone will click on your website. Unless your visitors are extremely targeted, however, you may end up getting a lot of traffic but no sales. Thus this method of traffic generation can be very expensive if you don't know exactly what you're doing.

On the other hand, if you have a budget and understand how the process works, this could be one of the fastest and most effective ways to get traffic to your website.

  • SEO-SEO stands for search engine optimization. This is the process associated with making sure that your website is found when someone types in a search term into a search engine. This is perhaps the most difficult and most misunderstood aspect of the subject of Internet marketing.

Because the Internet has changed so much since its inception, search engines work dramatically differently than they did just a few short years ago. Because of this, many people are still trying older tactics that no longer produce real results so therefore it is easy to become confused with the information that you find on the net. One key tip that does remain constant is to make sure that you change and/or update the content on your site regularly.

When the mechanics of a search engine are indexing websites for content in order to properly rank them, websites that feature fresh and updated content rank much better than others that stay static.

We recommend searching the Internet and reading everything you can about the process of SEO, but for the time being, sticking with the techniques above, for now, will provide faster and more easily obtained results.

There are many firms that offer search engine optimization services but be careful, and make sure to verify the results that they have obtained for others before entering into an agreement with them or you could wind up spending a lot of money with very little results to show for it.

Stephanie LaTorre

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