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April 17, 20233 min read

How I spent my days when I first started working online….wake up, work, have breakfast, clean, work more, get interrupted by my in-laws, forget I had a meeting and jump on last-minute unprepared, work, lunch, 5-minute power nap, prep for a meeting I remembered I had, rock my meeting, work, the husband finally comes home, work, eat some food, go to bed without showering.

This is not the recipe for a healthy life. It is however a recipe for burnout. That’s why I created a new way of doing things for myself using time blocking and rituals. Below I’m going to share with you my daily, weekly, and quarterly rituals.


This is essentially all about grouping your activities together. What happens is we tend to jump from activity to activity and never really get truly involved in any of them. That’s why I’m blocked out my work times and me times during the day. And I’ve even categorized my days:

  • Mondays – Admin days, CEO Date, Finances, Marketing Content

  • Tuesdays – Client days

  • Wednesdays – Client days

  • Thursdays – Product creation days, Learning

  • Fridays – can go either way. It’s either a catch up day if I need it or a netflix and chill day.

  • Saturdays – All about me days! Time to head to the beauty salon and go for some shopping. I definitely try to get outside in the garden or at the beach

  • Sundays – Church in the morning and beach in the afternoon!

What this does it it makes sure I’ve covered all the different areas of my life that require attention and means that on Mondays I don’t need to worry about client work because that’s a Tuesday thing. Here’s an example of what my current time batching schedule looks like but keep in mind this changes as often as I need it to.

BONUS TIP: this is kind of how my day goes if I don’t plan anything at all. Which makes it really easy for me to follow. I’m also pretty loose with the times except when I have client calls. Also, my calendly is set up so that clients can only book calls on Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons which means I can keep to my daily themes.


I’m sure by now you’ve heard of morning routines and spending two hours journaling and meditating to start your day. For me, that doesn’t work. Between family and life, it’s just not going to happen for me. And I end up putting so much pressure on myself to make it happen that the routine that is supposed to help me ends up hurting me.

That’s why I’ve created my daily, weekly, and quarterly rituals. The daily and weekly are quite obvious but the quarterly ritual is one of my favorites. Basically every three months we have 13 weeks and I use that 13th week as a vacation week. I use as a week to clear my head, get my home in order, and prepare for the next three months.


  • Dishes

  • Laundry

  • Shower

  • Walk

  • Yoga

  • Visualization

  • Vitamins


  • Cleaner

  • Nail Appointment

  • Hair Appointment

  • Jacuzzi Maintenance

  • Fireplace Maintenance

  • Church


  • Clean the Fish Tank

  • Decluttering

  • Deep Cleaning Everything!!!!

  • Haircut/Color

  • Spa Day – Mani/Pedi/Facial

  • Sound Healing Session

  • Dream Journal

  • Quarterly Planning


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