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October 28, 20213 min read

The very start of your sales funnel needs to begin with the squeeze page. A squeeze page is just a Web page that offers the visitor something of value, such as a report on a specific topic of interest, in return for the person’s contact information (usually the person’s name and email address).

The idea behind the squeeze page is to entice the visitor to willingly give up his/her name and email address so that you can follow up with him/her later with other relevant and useful information so that you can build a relationship with him/her and show that you are an expert in this industry or niche.

Once the person feels comfortable with you and feels you know this industry or niche well, he/she will be more likely to purchase the offers you recommend to him/her. These offers should consist of your own products, as well as affiliate offers that you endorse.

Of course, as mentioned before, the greatest online profits come from products you own, so you really want your subscribers to become comfortable with you so that they will purchase the offers in your sales funnel.

This is where the bulk of your profits will come from and, if you build the relationship properly and don’t abuse their trust or time, it’s certainly possible that they will purchase from you repeatedly whenever you offer a product offer of relevance to them.

This is how you can build your online income over time.

Therefore, you need a product that you can offer to your squeeze page visitor for free in order for him/her to be willing to give up his/her contact information. You can either create this product on your own, use outsourcers to create it, and/or use private label rights (PLR) products to create it.

The main point is that the information must be valuable to the subscriber and the squeeze page must indicate exactly what the prospect will be getting when he/she submits his/her contact information.

Therefore, if you plan to provide a mini-report or mini-ebook on how to get more qualified traffic to your website, your squeeze page must indicate this, and your autoresponder needs to send the link to download that report or send an email with the attached file as soon as the subscriber has sent his/her contact information (known as single opt-in) or after he/she has confirmed that he/she wants the report (known as double opt-in).

If the information sounds valuable to the subscriber, he/she will be willing to give up his/her contact information.

If it doesn’t, he/she likely won’t, so the free gift must be something that the subscriber wants to find out about so that he/she will give up his/her contact information.

Note that the information you provide in this free report should be useful to the person, but it should NOT include everything about the topic in question.

If you include all of the information in that free report, they’ll have no reason to buy any of your related offers, which is exactly the ultimate goal you have in mind for them.

Thus, the free report needs to be useful and valuable to where it gives them some insight into the problem or issue they are having, but also indicate or imply that you have more valuable information for them to consider acquiring by visiting your main product’s sales page, the link of which should be at the end of your free report so that they can find out more about it and purchase it.

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