Start Your Business Online With Etsy, Udemy, and Calendly Today!

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April 27, 20221 min read

Getting started online today can be hard. Especially with all the different advice out there today. But if you are just starting out in business and want to start working with clients ASAP, check out these quick ways to get your online business up and running with EtsyUdemy, and Calendly today!


  • Creating a printable on Etsy

    • Create the printable in canva (planners are super easy to create)

    • Create your store on Etsy

    • Upload your product 

    • Share it with friends and family

  • Creating course on Udemy

    • Create 6 video lessons that are 5 minutes each

    • Use your phone to film the lessons

    • Create your instructor account with Udemy

    • Upload your video lessons 

    • Share it with friends and family

  • Creating sessions with Calendly

    • Create an account with calendly *You will need the paid version

    • Connect it to your paypal account

    • Create 2 calendars. 1 for free sessions and 1 for paid sessions

    • Share it in Facebook groups when answering questions


  • Decide which strategy you will choose and take a weekend to create your materials and get it uploaded

  • Relax knowing there is actually a way for you to wake up tomorrow and have money sent into your account





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