Three Things I Do In My Business Every Day

November 09, 20216 min read

As someone who not only started an online business but who has been in that same business for over 10 years now, I wanted to share with you a few things I’m doing everyday.

My business doesn’t look much like it did years ago when I started. It’s not quite how I imagined it but the overall goal I set out to achieve with it has definitely been accomplished. I see today so many people aspiring to start an online business or who have an amazing online business already but yet they still feel like they’re struggling.

Let me say this. WE ALL STRUGGLE!!!! Everyday. Every week. Month. Year. Five Years. Ten Years. Heck a few months ago I almost quit my business. (Very thankful to my biz besties who helped me down from that ledge….)

But there are things I know I can do to help avoid that struggle. In fact, it’s usually when I’m pulled away from them that the struggle starts to come through and I have to bring myself back out of it.

So here are three things I do everyday in business.

Thing #1 Train My Brain

I love my brain. It’s my source of creativity. It’s extremely smart. Heck it runs my whole body without me having to do a thing. However…..

My brain can come up with some really crazy ideas. I once had a dream Bill Gates and Elon Musk were in a space race to the moon and Bill Gates left him on the moon. This was important to me because apparently I was team Elon up there on the moon with him. But then, when it looked like we were stranded on the moon and going to die, Jeff Bezos came with a secret space ship to save us. Also I was taking selfies on the moon with my dogs who apparently came with me. (I blame Twitter for this one…)

So you see. Brain wonderful!!!! But needs to be reigned in at least a tiny bit…

Books are always my go to for sure. My whole house is just filled with books. But there are a few other things that I love as well.

  • The Calm App for meditations when I wake up

  • The Noom App for healthy eating and habits but still lets me eat chocolate

  • The Fabulous App for creating my healthy habits

  • The Members Club for the amazing courses

Thing #2 Managing My Time

Yes I know. Life work balance. Time Batching. Schedules. All good things. But also all things that can become a monster all on their own. I have seen first hand what chaos and anxiety can come from trying to be on a constant schedule.

Don’t get me wrong. I love my routines. Couldn’t live without them for sure. But the difference between a routine and a schedule for me at least is there are no time constraints. I try to be in my office in the mornings by 10. It it’s 10:30 that’s fine too.

My morning routines at the moment include meditation, walking the doggies, breakfast, cleaning the house, and a bit of yoga. There’s a lot of room for flex on how long each of these activities need to take in the morning.

I generally like to get to my office around 10. Ish. The greatest thing I’ve done with my work week is setting up my four day schedule.

  • Mondays are my CEO Dates, Admin, and Accounting days. These can take a few hours to all day depending on what I’m working on.

  • Tuesdays are my Marketing days. It’s all about sending the newsletter to my email list, letting everyone know what the weekly workshop is that week, sharing fun exciting things going on in my business, writing articles like this one, and what ever else I’m inspired to do.

  • Wednesday are all Client days. I only schedule one website or so a month and two VIP sessions per week. This means I can be very controlled in my client work time and more importantly means we’re not missing deadlines.

  • Thursdays are all about the workshop for me. I host a free weekly workshop for my email list where we cover topics like creating membership websites in 30 minutes and how to make your website mobile friendly. All of these workshops are then added to the library for my course students.

Fridays you ask? Fridays are not for working my friends. Recently I made the permanent switch to 4 day work weeks and 3 day weeks and I’m not even a tiny bit sorry that I did it. Every week I have 3 whole days to do whatever I want. Sometimes that means Netflixing, sometimes it means rage cleaning, sometimes it means the beach, but usually it means a mix of all three.

One more thing to note here. Sometimes my tasks only take me a few hours instead of all day. That means if I finish all my work for the day in a few hours, I’m done for the day. There’s no sense in me sticking around my office if I don’t really need to be there. On the flip side of this, if I’ve not finished my tasks, that’s fine too. There’s always next week. I get done what I can a move on. No guilt. I control the to do list after all.

Thing #3 Focus

It pains me to tell you that once upon a time, I had a long menu list that could rival the Cheesecake factory of services and packages and levels and addons in my business. Did you want the extra super deluxe package supersized you say? Yea, it was confusing to say the least.

Now, I have 2 packages and 1 course. That’s it. I have full service package and a VIP session. That’s it. One of those will work for you no matter what you need to do.

And most importantly, I have full scheduling control of how much of my time this is taking. Remember thing #2. I only do 1 full website a month and 2 VIP sessions a week. There’s no reason for me to over work myself here.

This is a long way of saying Keep It Simple Stephanie. If you can’t clearly define your service options, that may be a hint that it’s too much. If you don’t have a simple way for someone to work with you, stop reading this and go make one right now. The best results can come from this both for you and for your clients.

So there you have it. Those are my three things. But if you really just need one thing, it’s this. Be nice to yourself. You’re doing an amazing job in your business no matter where you are at in your journey.

Stephanie LaTorre

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